SensorUp was the winner of the CIO Applications Award
for Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider

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Interconnecting the world's IoT data

Intelligent automation for productivity, safety, quality and job satisfaction


Merge all of your geospatial
and location series data from any source


Go from reactive to
proactive with early warnings and real-time AI


Transform your industry by
finding the advantages in your processes

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The SensorUp platform’s low-code/no-code design accelerates time-to-value, reduces cost and risk, and offers the flexibility to add new data sources without updating the underlying applications and adding unnecessary complexity.

Latest Webinar: How to protect the location privacy of connected workers

The more accurate the location data, the greater protection companies can provide their workers. But companies also want to balance the privacy concerns of their workers. Listen to an in-depth technical discussion on how you can ensure your IoT data architecture is structured to handle privacy concerns.

Featured Case Study: Oil and Gas Producer

“We wanted our operation to be unified into a single, common operating picture. Right-sized for the business, all data silos integrated and flowing into one system, with just-in-time delivery.”

Solving the most critical use cases for complex operations

The world’s most complex, geographically dispersed operations rely on our technology to solve their most critical use cases to optimize operational efficiency and protect their connected workforce.

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