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Your connected application is better when multiple IoT devices works together. SensorUp breaks down barriers between IoT systems and lets information freely flow in your organization.


Worry about your IoT platform provider's API becomes obsolete next year? Unlike existing proprietary IoT platforms, our platform is based on international interoperable standards for IoT so that it is future proof, more extensible and flexible, has much lower risks of becoming obsolete and no vendor lock-in.

Minimum Development Time

Our intuitive yet powerful APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs) accelerates IoT application development, minimizes coding efforts, reduces time to market and spurs innovation.

Connect - Manage - Analyze - Optimize

Our Team

SensorUp's team has combined 20+ years’ experiences in developing open standard-based sensorweb platforms. The team developed the open source GeoCENS technology, one of world’s most advanced and most comprehensive sensorweb platform based on the Open Geospatial Consortium standards. SensorUp's team is currently leading the making of several key international IoT standards.

Some of Our Clients

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77% of the surveyed IoT experts claimed that Interoperability is the biggest challenge currently facing the Internet of Things


The following connected applications are developed by SensorUp's team.

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